Active Clubs

Registered Clubs

The following clubs have registered during the Spring 2018 semester (Feb. 10-Jun. 8, 2018). If you would like to learn about these clubs in person, most clubs will be on the Library Lawn from Feb. 26 to Mar. 1 for Club Rush. Interested students can always email the club directly to get information about club meetings, club events, and how to become a member.

Don't see a club listed here? Please contact Mari Baquir to inquire about other clubs that may fit your interests or to submit your club in this list.

Cosmetology Club -The Style Pros-

The purpose of the organization is to bring awareness to Health, Beauty, and Wellness.  As a club, we can bring positive changes to an individual's lifestyle by education them about their own health, beauty and wellness.  


Cybersecurity Club

The purpose of the organization is to spread awareness and promote knowledge about technology securely used for information and communication. Cybersecurity meeting concepts include network security, digital forensics, penetration testing, secure coding, cryptography, and reverse engineering. We will also learn about general computer technology and host discussions on ethics within technology fields.


ECC Real Estate Association

- Learn to use Real Estate as a tool for financial independence 
- Learn how to acquire, manage and sell property as an investor
- Teach techniques on spotting good property deals and how to avoid a bad deal
- Inside access to many members only association. Network with agents, brokers, developers, investors and more
- Mentorship program. Real estate agents mentor students hoping to start their career in Real Estate
- A safe and inviting environment to learn how to own a piece of property
- Got your sales license? Now what? Hands on training for aspiring agents!

El Camino College Administration of Justice Club

The Administration of Justice (AJ) club is an open environment for all those interested in criminal justice, law enforcement, forensics, and all other aspects of crime and law. The club offers field trips, career advice, assistance with AJ courses, as well as guest speakers with backgrounds in law enforcement. The club is also a great space to start discussions on current events in the justice field.


El Camino College Astronomy & Astrophysics Club

The El Camino College Astronomy & Astrophysics Club is an organization dedicated to the promotion and understanding of the cosmos and our place in it. Our meetings consist of astronomy-related news items as well as the discussion of various astronomy topics. No prior knowledge of astronomy is needed, as we approach every topic from a beginner's perspective, while still providing some of the more complicated details that an experienced astronomy student would find interesting. We hope to provide every member the experience of looking through large diameter telescopes to see the universe as they have never seen it before, often by taking trips to dark site locations.


Glamour Gal

Glamour Gals organizes student-led chapters in colleges and high schools across the country to visit senior homes in their communities. ECC volunteers provide ongoing companionship, complimentary beauty makeover, and availability to play board games to women and men living in senior homes. Glamour Gals volunteers provide seniors with a restored sense of dignity through personal attention and the warmth of caring touch, as well as the opportunity to share their stories.


Political Science Club

We’re a club that creates a safe and productive environment for all students no matter their political identity or title. Every student is extremely welcomed to come and express their opinions about all current events happening in our world. We debate and probe into many political topics in the hope to educate and inform the student body of El Camino Community College on the various perspectives, methods, and issues of the past, present, and potential future government policies.


Pre-Medical Club

Pre-Medical Club is a group of highly-motivated and driven students who want to pursue a career in medicine. The club was founded in 2012 and is currently active on campus. Pre-Medical Club's mission is to provide the educational tools and resources needed for pre-medical and pre-health students to successfully advance their medical education. Through career oriented seminars, field trips, medical conferences, MCAT study resources, and volunteer/research opportunities, Pre-Medical Club aims to prepare and strengthen a community of students planning to enter the healthcare field. 

During the 2017-2018 school year, Pre-Medical Club became a part of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), attended a cadaver lab at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, held a suture lab for club members, provided volunteer opportunities, and more!

If you are interested in joining or would like more information on the club, please email the club President, Jennifer Gutierrez, at!

Sociology Club

The purpose of the Sociology Club is to explore and promote academic and career issues related to the field of Sociology, and to help those interested in the field get to know one another better outside of the classroom.

Visit the Sociology Club webpage.