Charter a Club
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Inter-Club Council (I.C.C.) is the official club chartering organization on campus and it will be at a meeting of this student group that the vote for the proposed chartering of a new club will occur.  In order for a proposed charter to appear on the Inter-Club Council agenda a couple of completed forms must be on file in the Student Development Office.  Pick up a packet from the Student Development Office entitled "How to Charter a Club" which contains the necessary procedures and forms.  

“How to Charter a Club” - PDF printable version

Procedures for Chartering a Club

Fall Submission Deadline: October 18, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.

  1. Complete a form entitled "Petition to the Inter-Club Council to Become an ECC Club" and obtain the signatures of 10 currently enrolled students interested in being in your proposed club. These 10 students must have paid the $15 fee for a current ASB sticker on their Student ID card.
  2. On the same form, obtain the signature of a part-time or full-time faculty member who agrees to serve as the advisor for your club.  A club may have more than one advisor.
  3. Submit a typed copy of a constitution that reflects a democratic plan for selection of members without regard for race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, age, and Vietnam-era veteran status.
  4. Submit all completed forms to the Student Development Office.  A copy will be distributed to the I.C.C. Review Board Commissioner.
  5. The I.C.C. Review Board will place your proposal to become a club on their agenda. Prepare to have an official representative attend this meeting. Please see above for the deadline.
  6. After recommendation by the Review Board the proposed club will be placed on the agenda of the next I.C.C. meeting for chartering.  Prepare to have a representative attend this meeting and, upon approval, subsequent I.C.C. meetings. 
  7. After approval of the club by the Inter-Club Council (ICC), a Club Registration form must be submitted online.