Charter a Club


Inter-Club Council (I.C.C.) is the official club chartering organization on campus and it will be at a meeting of this student group that the vote for the proposed chartering of a new club will occur.  In order for a proposed charter to appear on the Inter-Club Council agenda a couple of completed forms must be on file in the Student Development Office.  Pick up a packet from the Student Development Office entitled "How to Charter a Club" which contains the necessary procedures and forms.  

      • “How to Charter a Club” - PDF printable version
[You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file]

Fall 2018 Deadline: October 19, 2018 by 1 PM

  1. Complete a form entitled "Petition to the Inter-Club Council to Become an ECC Club" and obtain the signatures of 10 currently enrolled students interested in being in your proposed club. These 10 students must have paid the $15 fee for a current VALID ASB sticker on their Student ID card.
  2. On the same form, obtain the signature of a part-time or full-time faculty member who agrees to serve as the adviser for your club.  A club may have more than one adviser.
  3. Submit a typed copy of a constitution that reflects a democratic plan for selection of members without regard for race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, age, and Vietnam-era veteran status.
  4. Submit all completed forms to the Student Development Office.  A copy will be distributed to the I.C.C. Review Board Commissioner.
  5. The I.C.C. Review Board will place your proposal to become a club on their agenda. Prepare to have an official representative attend this meeting. The last day to turn in paperwork to form a new club during the Fall 2018 semester is October 19, 2018 by 1 PM.
  6. After recommendation by the Review Board the proposed club will be placed on the agenda of the next I.C.C. meeting for chartering.  Prepare to have a representative attend this meeting and, upon approval, subsequent I.C.C. meetings. 
  7. After approval of the club by the Inter-Club Council (ICC), a “Club Registration” form must be filed with the Student Development Office.