Club Events

Inter-Club Council Activities for Club Participation
Spring 2018

Reminder: All clubs are required to attend at least 3 ICC events and 70%+ of ICC General Meetings each semester in order to be deemed active for the following semester. 





Club Rush

Club recruitment tables on Library Lawn (3rd week of semester) Sept. 10-13, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Library Lawn

Club Mixer

Get-together for club officers with refreshments, ice breakers, and activities. TBA TBA

ICC Club Officer Orientation

All Club Officers are invited to attend this training. Topics that will be covered include: How to Plan an Event/Excursion, How to Run an Effective Meeting, Club Finances, etc. TBA TBA

Blood Drive

Club support is needed to recruit donors and volunteers for this community project. TBA TBA

ICC Warrior Games

Friendly competition between the clubs emphasizing spirit, pride, unity, and friendship. TBA TBA

ICC World Tour Festival

A day celebrating different cultures from around the world (fundraiser for clubs). TBA TBA

ICC Elections

The Inter-Club Council will elect the 2018-2019 President and Vice President at their General Meeting. TBA TBA

ICC/ASO Banquet

Honoring the achievements of ASO, ICC, and campus clubs. TBA TBA