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Read&Write is a powerful new software tool that can help you excel as a college student. Read&Write  (RW) is an innovative educational tool that supports students with reading, writing, studying and research. Best of all, it’s free!  El Camino College has a license that allows any student enrolled in classes, as well as faculty and staff, to have the product in their home at no cost.

Read&Write allows you to:

  • Read any electronic text aloud, including PDFs, Word documents, Web pages, etc.
  • Highlight and extract text from any document or website to create a study guide, outline, or vocabulary list
  • Create a mind map – brainstorm ideas, then covert them into an outline in Word
  • Convert text to MP3
  • Translate text in 50+ languages
  • Use voice recognition to easily create documents in Word and email
  • Look up definitions, synonyms, homonyms and spell check
  • Create a bibliography or citations from your source documents
  • Use on a mobile device
  • Customize your own toolbar to include the features you prefer most

This tool is designed to help you increase your reading speed and comprehension, improve your research, writing, studying and test taking skills. RW works well with familiar applications such as Microsoft Office.

RW is available at all campus labs with PCs and for download at home for PC and Mac. Links to download RW should be available on MyECC. Access Issues/Download Questions? Contact Help Desk via emai @   

For training on assistive technologies, please contact Brian Krause, Assistive Technology Trainer @ or 310-660-3295 x5923.