TOP Counseling Internship Application
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TOP Counseling Internship Application

Dear Prospective Candidate,

The Opportunity Project Internship program is designed for applicants with little or no CCC counseling experience. Applicants should be enrolled in a fieldwork course through their counseling related graduate program in order to meet eligibility. The program provides a unique opportunity for qualified individuals to explore and develop a career in community college counseling.

Please note: The internship opportunity in no way guarantees employment with the district.


Eligible interns will be current graduate students registered in a practicum or fieldwork course as required by their Master's in Counseling program. If chosen as an intern, candidates will be required to provide proof of enrollment.

Internship Details

1. Unpaid semester long internship

2. One-on-one mentorship component - each intern will be assigned a counselor mentor

3. Job shadowing in different areas of counseling - FYE/EOPS/Transfer/etc.

4. Semester long project relevant to specific area of counseling

Application Process

1. Submit a complete application

2. Intern candidates will be scheduled for an interview

3. Selected interns must provide proof of enrollment in a counseling related graduate program


Application for TOP Counseling Internship