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Inter-Club Council (I.C.C.) is composed of one representative from each club on campus. The major functions of I.C.C. are to support the activities of the campus clubs; to plan events that involve club participation in campus and community projects; approve budget requests and approve the charter of each new student organization.

  • I.C.C. Meetings:  ICC Meetings are held every Monday from 12:00-1:00pm in the Alondra Room (Above the bookstore).
  • I.C.C. Cabinet & Finance Meetings: Every Wednesday from 12:00 - 1:00 pm in the I.C.C. Office.
  • I.C.C. Constitution: View I.C.C. Constitution
  • I.C.C. Meeting Minutes: To access copies of agendas and minutes, please click on this link - View I.C.C. Agendas and Minutes
  • I.C.C. Office: Located in the Activities Center West Wing
  • Office Phone: 310-660-3593 ext. 6399
  • Mail boxes: Located in the Activities Center counter area
  • Staff Adviser to I.C.C. - Breanna von Stein, Student Services Specialist,, 310-660-3593 ext. 3394


  • President- Gregory Sonnen
  • Vice President- Joy Mo                                                                                                        
  • Commissioner of Finance- Agustinus Pamungkas                                                                                                                   
  • Commissioner of Fundraising- VACANT                                                                                                     
  • Commissioner of Publicity- Stephanie Pedrahita
  • Commissioner of Review Board- Arianna Villasor
  • Historian- VACANT
  • I.C.C. Senate Rep- Anjeannete Aguilar
  • Secretary- Arnold Lee

If you are interested in applying for any of the vacant positions, please fill out this application and turn it in to the ICC Vice President Joy Mo  via her mailbox in the Activities Center.


Inter-Club Council Activities for Club Participation

FALL 2014





Club Rush

Club recruitment tables on Library Lawn    

(3rd week of semester)

Participation form , Due Jan. 29th

M Sep. 15, 10am-2pm

T Sep. 16, 10am-2pm

W Sep. 17, 10am-2pm

TH Sep. 18, 10am-2pm

Library Lawn


Club Mixer

Get-together for club officers with refreshments, ice breakers & activities 




F Sep. 26, 12pm-2pm

AC East Lounge

ICC Club Officer Orientation

All Club Officers are invited to attend this training. Topics that will be covered include: How to Plan an Event/Excursion, How to Run an Effective Meeting, Club Finances, ect.

F Oct. 10, 9am-12:30pm

Art B 103

3-Day Blood Drive

Club support needed to recruit donors and volunteers  for this community project

T Oct. 21, 9am-3pm

W Oct. 22, 10am-8pm

TH Oct. 23, 9am-3pm

AC East Lounge





Homecoming Rally

Voting for Queen and King

Homecoming Dance


Homecoming Calendar

Homecoming Candidates Form

 T Nov. 4, 1pm-2pm

 Nov. 4-5, 10am-2pm

F Nov. 7, 9pm-12am

 Library Lawn

Library Lawn

East Dining Room 


 Last Published 10/24/14