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ASB Student Discounts & Student Activities Fee

All students who pay the Student Activities Fee will receive the Auxiliary Services Board (ASB) sticker for their photo ID cards at the Cashier's office.

The ASB sticker offers a variety of discounts including discount movie theater and amusement park tickets.  Movie theater and amusement park discount tickets can be purchased at the Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office during its regular operating hours.  On-campus benefits include access to Activities Center events, free admission to all campus athletic events and a discount on tickets at district-sponsored Center for the Arts events.

Funds from the Student Activities Fee help support co-curricular activities of the college.  Such activities include but are not limited to student government, clubs, the Union newspaper, plays, athletic teams and the debate team.

The $10 Student Activities Fee will be collected during primary terms (fall and spring).  A student may decline the Student Activities Fee when enrolling for classes.  If the student does not decline during enrollment, the Student Activities Fee will be assessed and collected.  Once paid, the Student Activities Fee is non-refundable.

Who is in the ASB?

The Auxiliary Services Board is established by ECC Board Policy 3600 and is chaired by Ms. Michelle Arthur, Director of Student Development  The board is responsible for overseeing and disseminating auxiliary services funds. The eight member board is comprised of faculty, administrators, staff and student members.  The staff, faculty and administrative board members are appointed by ECC president, Dr. Thomas Fallo. The student member is appointed by the Associated Students Organization. The funds of the Auxiliary Services Board are allocated by the committee to student programs including the visual and performing arts, athletic teams, our award winning speech and debate team, our award winning student newspaper and many diverse student clubs and organizations. 

What is the ASB Sticker?

Officially, it stands for Auxiliary Services Board. Unofficially, it stands for Auxiliary Services Benefits.  We purposely chose the letters 'ASB' because for many students ASB represents Associated Student Body, from their high school years, which is similar to our ASB project here at ECC.

The ASB Sticker costs $10.00 and is placed on your ECC photo I.D. Current ASB Stickers are eligible for discounts to restaurants,  salons, coffee shops, and movies, in addition to free admittance to all home games. Students with an ASB Sticker may also purchase discounted tickets to various amusement parks via the Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office. Contact for more information. ASB Stickers may be purchased in the Student Activities Center, the Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office, and at the Cashier’s Office.

Where is ASB Promotions located?

The ASB promotions desk is located in the Student Activities Center, room AC152. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 am to 5 pm, closed Fridays and weekends. You may also see The Roving ASB Table out on the Library Lawn when there are major events, Club Rush, College Fairs, Job Fairs, Homecoming, etc. Come by the ASB table show your sticker for drawings, prizes or gifts and make sure you are entered in the ASB semester drawing. Additionally, you can purchase the bi-annual sticker at the Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office and at the Cashiers Windows at the southeast corner of the Bookstore Building, ground level. Staff/faculty can purchase the $10.00 annual sticker there as well. 310-660-3593, ext. 3502.

When is the ASB sticker distributed?

You can purchase it anytime, however, the best time for students to purchase the $10 bi-annual ASB sticker is at the beginning of registration for the fall and spring semesters. The fall sticker is good through the winter break and the spring sticker is good through the summer terms.  For faculty, staff and alumni, we suggest purchasing the $10 sticker at the start of the fall semester. Because that sticker is dated, faculty/staff must get a free updated ASB spring sticker to continue receiving any discounts for the remainder of the year.

How do you get the ASB sticker?

For that $10.00 fee, any student, staff, faculty, alumni may purchase the sticker at the Cashiers Window at the southeast corner of the Bookstore Building (ground level), the ASB Office (Room AC152, located in the Student Activities Center), or at the Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office, where all the amusement park and movie tickets are sold. Once the sticker is placed on your I.D. it allows you to receive its many discounts. When purchasing the $10 sticker make sure you are entered in the ASB Semester Drawing to win fun and valuable prizes! (See discount book)

 Last Published 11/18/14