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Inter-Club Council (ICC) is organized to provide students with a variety of choices for campus involvement and a chance for campus clubs to interact with one another by accomplishing joint projects that serve the El Camino College community and enhances the individual's citizenship, leadership and personal growth. An elected president and vice-president oversee the council. At the final ICC meeting of the spring semester the representatives elect a new president and vice-president. ICC is made up of a representative from each active campus club. ICC is part of the Associated Students Organization and receives its funds from the  Auxiliary Services Board. Click here for more information on Inter-Club Council.

The council is involved in a number of programs and events. Here are some of the activities:

CLUB RUSH WEEK - held during the third week of the spring and fall semesters, clubs promote themselves and recruit new members at tables on the Library Lawn. 

RED CROSS BLOODMOBILE - twice a year the ICC in conjunction with the Red Cross sponsors a blood drive. Clubs compete to sign up the most donors and volunteers.

HOMECOMING - the ICC sponsors the half-time homecoming activities and a dance following the Homecoming football game for ICC and club members.

CHILDREN'S HOLIDAY PARTY - Approximately eighty children, usually from a local Headstart program, are invited to a Holiday party on campus which includes refreshments, games, entertainment and presents.

SPRING GAMES - the ICC sponsors a friendly game competition for clubs to compete in for recognition.

SPRING AWARDS BANQUET - this end of the year event is an opportunity to recognize outstanding ICC participants & clubs.

Last Published 12/21/16