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ASB History

Remember when schooling was free – yes free! El Camino opened their doors in 1947 and has rapidly become one of the most successful and reputable Junior Colleges in the United States. Not until 1982 did ECC start charging an enrollment fee. Prior to that, an attempt to keep the tuition free and to help offset the cost to the College in 1975 the discount card evolved.

Originally dubbed The Student Identification and Services Card or The SIDS Card, It cost the student $5.00. As the computers progressed so did the cost of living and finally by the early 80's tuition was a must. A new plastic computerized card combined the I.D. card and the SIDS card. By the turn of the century the $10.00 Auxiliary Services Benefits sticker, The ASB sticker, was born.

Since then, the ASB sticker has attempted to formulate a campaign to get new and returning students to continue purchasing the sticker. The ASB sticker is similar to the AAA card giving discounts not just here on campus such as theatre shows, music recitals and dance performances, free athletic events, semester drawings for prizes, but discounts all throughout Southern California such as: restaurants, amusement parks, theaters, car repair, hair salons, etc. Check out the ASB discount book (PDF). The sticker, now only $10.00, is bi-yearly and is good for two semesters; fall is good through winter and the spring sticker is good through summer. The sticker is placed on your ECC ID card. Unknown to many, the faculty, staff and the alumni have the privilege of buying the annual ASB sticker.

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After many years of being dormant, in 2005 the ASB program was revamped into the services and benefits that we offer today.  

Rick Woods
Muffins in the Morning

Students/Staff that purchased the ASB sticker were given a pastry, at the Info desk in the Student Activities Center,  by Rick Woods, an ASB Team member.

Smell the Coffee
Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

“Show us your ASB and get an item free!” over 100 gallons of Starbucks coffee have been given away along with other items such as t-shirts, juices, pens, amusement park tickets, movie tickets, etc. Just show your ASB sticker to's that easy...

Seeing Double
Seeing Double

Andres and Alex Valles, original ASB Team members, use their creative talents to help The Disney promotion. We now sell all the major So. Cal. amusement parks at an ASB discount!

A New Look
The New Look for 2005

Lawrence A. Moreno, ASB Project Coordinator and Supervisor, along with Ray Pila, Senior Graphic Designer, discuss the new design of ECC's ASB logo.

When's Lunch
When's Lunch?

Aleda Jackson (now retired), demonstrates her multi-tasking while listening to instructions from Harold L. Tyler, Director of Student Development (now retired) who oversaw the early ASB Campaign.

Student Services Specialists
Student Services Specialists

Jeannine Barba (now retired) and Janice Watanabe (now retired), formally from the Student Development office, are informed of the progress of the ASB.

Student in front of computer
The Final Product

Joseph Matias, former graphic designer, finishes up the design of a new ASB approval Stamp and other ASB products.

Slashing Slogans
Slashing Slogans

Lawrence A. Moreno and Michael Carter interact with words and phrases on what slogans to use.   
WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST? Go to suggestions and let us know your opinions.

Things To Come
Things to Come, a new decade

The ASB plans on more fun give-aways, movie nights, games and more. The ASB  office is located in the Activities Center, room AC 152. While you're there, Check out the ASB table for upcoming events.
 Last Published 9/25/14