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Project Success

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Project Success is a program designed to increase the retention rate and to improve the academic performance of students who meet the Project Success admission criteria. The mission of Project Success is to aid the successful transition of students from high school to El Camino College and beyond in order to achieve educational and career goals. 

Currently, there are over 165 students and 60 mentors actively involved in Project Success. The retention rate from the fall to spring first semester averages between 83-95%. This compares to a 50% retention rate of comparable first year students. Students who complete the program transfer to universities, both in state and out-of-state at a much higher rate and students who transfer complete their bachelor degrees in less than three years after graduation from El Camino College.

These goals are achieved by providing students with:

  • Academic counseling
  • Cohort model
  • Learning communities
  • Priority registration for classes
  • Career advisement/counseling
  • Student Orientation
  • Mandatory classes 1st two years
  • Math tutoring
  • Academic Workshops
  • Cultural Workshops and field trips
  • Tours of four-year colleges and universities
  • College success skills & personal development
  • Book Loans and Vouchers
  • Scholarships
  • Madaba (a Kiswahili word meaning Mentoring) assistance from faculty and staff
  • Peer Madaba's
  • Parent Orientation
  • Service Learning
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Last Published 8/14/17