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SSTARS: Student Success Transfer and Retention Services  

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SSTARS Newsletter - Spring 2012 (PDF)

SSTARS Brochure 2012 (PDF)


The History of SSTARS

The Student Success Transfer and Retention Services (SSTARS) committee evolved from the Counseling and Student Services Division retreat in Spring 2003. Due to state budget cuts and the increased needs of our El Camino College community, the Student Services focus group agreed to create a committee that would support the collaboration, communication and development of services for student success, transfer and retention. As a result, SSTARS was created and continues to support the mission of El Camino College: "To meet the needs of our diverse community and ensure success by offering quality comprehensive educational opportunities."

The Goals of SSTARS

-- To improve communication between programs and the community.
-- To increase student retention rates and ultimately success in college.
-- To share information about our programs and services.
-- To celebrate student accomplishments.
-- To raise money for the El Camino College Library Book Depot and other student needs.

Links to SSTARS Programs

How to reach us: Main Line (310) 660-3593 and dial the extension.

Admissions and Records
SSVC 101  x3421

Learning Resources Center
Library, 2nd Floor  x6722
SSVC 205B  x6052
Mathematics, Engineering & Science Achievement Programs (MESA)
MCS 100F  x3887
Career Center
SSVC 1st Floor, Counseling Office  x6137
Math Study Center
MCS 106  x6591
Career and Technical Education
COMM 201  x6032
Matriculation & Student Enhancement Programs
SSVC 108F (x3403) & & 104 I (x6011) & 108G (x6033)
CTE Teacher Pipeline
TECH 104 B  x3589
Outreach & School Relations
SSVC 206 x3487
Counseling Services
SSVC 1st Floor  x3442
Project Success
SSVC 104G  x6037
SSVC 205A (x6195) & 205B (x3395)
Puente Project
SSVC 104E  x3638
Financial Aid & Scholarships
SSVC 215 (x6038)
Seeds Head Start Partnership
ARTB 340  x3755
First Year Experience/Learning Communities
SSVC 204  x6936
Special Resource Center
SRC (outside SSVC)  x3295 or x6047
Foster & Kinship Education Program
SSVC 216  x3585
Student Athlete Independent Learning
SSVC 104C  x3531

Graduation Initiative Project
ADMIN 137  x3243

Student Development Office
Activities Center 160  x3504
Honors Transfer Program
SSVC 1st Floor (in Counseling) x3815
Student Health Center
P.E. Building (near Pools)  x3643
HBCU Transfer Initiative
SSVC 104 H  x3632
Supplemental Instruction
SSVC 206  x3612
International Student Program
SSVC 104D  x3431
Transfer Center
SSVC 102G  x3408
Women In Industry and Technology (WIT)
TECH 104 B x6780
Writing Center & Computer Lab
HUM 122  x6136
 Last Published 9/24/12