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Federal Work Study Program

General Information
The Federal Work Study Program (FWS) is a federally funded program and is awarded to eligible students through the Financial Aid Office at El Camino College. The FWS Program affords students with an opportunity to work on or off campus and earn money to supplement expenses not covered by grants or loans. To apply and participate in the FWS program, a student must enroll at least half time (6 units) during the fall and spring semesters.  

El Camino College receives a limited amount of FWS funds and eligible students are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Receiving a FWS award does not guarantee employment.  It is the students' responsibility to follow the appropriate steps to secure employment.

Student Employment 
Eligible students may apply for employment to work on or off campus through the FWS program.  Complete the following procedures to obtain student employment at El Camino College.

  • Complete a 2013-14 FAFSA

  • Submit all requested information to the Financial Aid Office

  • Meet all requirements for federal student aid

  • Wait to receive a 2013-14 award letter

  • Complete a FWS Job Request Form (Must have 2013-14 Award Letter)

  • Follow the instructions on the Job Request Form

On-Campus Employers
Managers, faculty and staff may hire approved FWS students to work within their division/department.  Follow these instructions if you are interested in hiring a student employee.

Off-Campus Employers
Off-campus employers may also participate as a partner in the El Camino College Federal Work Study Program (FWSP). Whether you are a private for profit company, non-profit organization or government agency, the FWSP can provide you with student employees representing different majors and experience backgrounds to assist you meet your employment needs. The employer share of student wages varies depending on the type of employer status. Please review the information below to determine your status and share of FWS obligation. If you think that your organization may benefit or if you are interested in partnering with El Camino College and the FWS Program please contact our FWS coordinators for additional information.

Non-Profit or Government Agencies

  • Non-Profit or government agencies can receive up to 75% share of the FWS students hourly wages

  • Contact the FWS Coordinator for additional assistantce

Private Companies

  • Private for profit companies receive up to 50% share of the FWS students hourly wages

  • Contact the FWS Coordinator for additional assistantce

Federal Work Study Program Benefits

  • Talented students with various skill sets

  • A subsidy of at least 50% towards the student employee hourly wages

  • Free job postings to hire FWS students.

  • Job site interviews

  • Community partnership to El Camino College District

Documents Required to Employ A FWS Student

  • El Camino College FWS Contract

  • FWS Payroll Authorization

  • Certificate of Insurance 

For more information about the Federal Work Study Program, contact Luis Mancia at (310) 660-3593 Ext. 3496 or via email at

 Last Published 4/1/14