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FYE Student Representatives


My name is Christy Villasor, representative for Community F.  I am majoring in nursing and hope to transfer to UCLA to get a BA degree.  I like to have fun, especially with my friends.  In my spare time, I love hanging out with them as well as listening to music and doing arts and crafts.  I can be lazy but I love to run.  In high school, I participated in track and field and cross country.  I love volunteering especially at beach clean ups or special events.  Get to know me.  I like meeting new people and I will most likely be at the library studying.

  Christy Villasor
My name is Michael Rubio and I am a First Year Experience Representative for Community G.  My major is account with plans to transfer to UCLA and pursue my academic career.  AS FYE Representative, I will do my best to lead my cohort and do my best to benefit the FYE program.  FYE is a new experience with my opportunities and I plan to embrace this new beginning.

  Michael Rubio 
Hi my name is Rhea Elena Esposo and I am a representative for Community F at FYE.  I am currently a freshman at El CAmino College.  You can find me studying in the library, playing tennis at the courts, or walking aimlessly around the campus.  If you want to make conversation or have any questions, feel free to ask this red head if you need help.

  Rhea Elena Esposo 
My name is Silander Bandash, also known as "Andy" by many people.  I am a representative for Community A in the FYE program.  My major is Biomedical Engineering.  My future plans after El Camino are to attend USC, UCLA, or Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  I look forward to being a Community A represetative, to set an example for future representatives.  My plans and goals is to listen, work with students in need of help with any subjects that they need help with, or if not I would try my best to find help for them.

  Silandar Bangash 
Hey there!  My name is Denise Arrogante and I am the Community D FYE Representative for 2011.  I am a nursing and pre-medicine major hoping to complete the nursing program at El Camino and transferring to UCLA in pursuit of my doctorate.  Aside from studying hard for the rigourous classes, I enjoy playing tennis, fishing and hanging out with friends and family.  If you see me around feel free to say hi.  I like making new friends!

  Denise Arrogante 
My name is Alejandro Moreno.  This is my first year here at El Camino College.  I represent Community D in the FYE program.  I am a Fire and Emergency TEchnology major.  I plan to transfer to Cal State LA to finish my studies.  I am very adaptable to different situations.  My hobbies include playing soccer, football, video games, and watching movies.

  Alejandro Moreno 
My name is Kohki Nishioka.  I'm currently majoring in dance and would like to transfer to the University of New York or CSULB.  I wanted to challenge myself in college and joining the First Year Experience program was a good start.  Becoming the Rep for Community B pushed my self-esteem and turned me into more of a leader.  In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and just chill.

  Kohki Nishioka 
Last Published 12/21/16