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2017-2018 FAFSA will be available October 1st, 2016! 

El Camino College Financial Aid Office:
This should be your first stop. This site explains all of the student aid programs that are available at El Camino College.

Federal Financial Aid Application & Guide
Scholarship Pages:

FastWeb: is the most comprehensive site for scholarship information. It takes about an hour and allows you to save the information that you entered. The sponsor e-mails you every time it adds a new scholarship to your file. There is a text-only version of this site.

College Board: It will take you about ten minutes to complete the questions and get a list of scholarships available. Also available at this site is information about the SATs, early decision/early enrollment, and other college information.

College NET MACH25: is another fairly quick (15 minutes or so) search engine that saves your information. There are also links to minority scholarship databases. It also provides other information about colleges. (formerly known as CollegeEdge) takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

WiredScholar: This is a FREE Scholarship Service to Help Students Pay for Their Education. It is one of the most comprehensive, oldest and most respected services for students. The service is supported by Sallie Mae and many other fine sponsors. WiredScholar does not sell or rent student information, nor does the website contain intrusive advertising. Good luck with your education. It takes about half an hour.

Other Scholarship Sources:

Hispanic College Fund
International Education Financial Aid

Last Published 12/21/16