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Supplemental Instruction (SI) Coach Job Description

Spring 2017 SI Coach Job Description and Application (PDF)       Spring 2017 SI Coach Job Description and Application (WORD)


Hiring Steps:

  1. Pick up an SI Coach application in MBA 329 or download from ECC SI WEBSITE.
  2. Submit a completed application along with unofficial transcripts from ECC and/or other colleges attended.
  3. Take a quiz in the subject(s) you want to coach in order to assess current knowledge in the course.
  4. Schedule an interview.



•   Enjoy interacting with your peers.
•   Have a strong understanding of the content in the course you want to coach.
•   Be able to communicate clearly and effectively with peers, staff, and faculty.
•   Be able to commit to working an average of 7-10 hours per week for the entire semester.
•   Have a minimum GPA of 2.5.


           A typical work week involves:
                      • 3 to 5 hours attending lecture, depending on the course units
                      • 1 to 2 hours planning SI sessions
                      • 2 hours facilitating SI sessions
                      • ½ hour attending SI staff meeting    
                      • ½ hour meeting with course instructor

•   Assist students with course content and academic development.
•   Attend all class lectures. You will know what the instructor expects from the students while building student rapport.
•   Plan and facilitate two (50 minute) SI study sessions during the week.
•   Promote the SI sessions to the class. Effective promotion is essential to increase student attendance in the SI sessions.
•   Help students refine learning skills such as note taking, test preparation, problem solving, organization, and group studying.
•   Develop and maintain working partnership with instructor.
•   Attend pre semester and on-going SI Coach training.



•   Being an SI Coach is an invaluable experience for all careers, especially future educators, managers, C.E.O.s, and entrepreneurs.
•   Excellent extra-curricular activity for university transfer applications.
•   Refine your leadership, speaking, and instructional skills. Learn to manage and motivate groups of people.
•   Develop collegiate camaraderie, build self-confidence, and become a more efficient learner.
•   Improve your listening, administrative, and organizational abilities.
•   Earn $12.00/hr.


Please submit application and unofficial transcripts in person or through email

Luis Barrueta, M.S., SI Coordinator     MBA Building Room 329     310-660-3612

Last Published 1/25/17