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Supplemental Instruction (SI) Coach Job Description

Fall 2017 SI Coach Job Description and Application (PDF)       Fall 2017 SI Coach Job Description and Application (WORD)


Hiring Steps:

  1. Pick up an SI Coach application in MBA 329 or download from EL Camino College SI WEBSITE.
  2. Submit completed application to MBA 329 along with unofficial transcripts from El Camino College and/or other colleges attended.
  3. Take a quiz in MBA 329 in the subject(s) you want to coach in order to assess current knowledge in the course.
  4. Schedule an interview in MBA 329.



•   Enjoy interacting with your peers.
•   Have a strong understanding of the content in the course you want to coach.
•   Be able to communicate clearly and effectively with peers, staff, and faculty.
•   Be able to commit to working an average of 7-10 hours per week for the entire semester.
•   Have a minimum GPA of 2.5.


           A typical work week involves:
                      • 3 to 5 hours attending lecture, depending on the course units
                      • 1 to 2 hours planning SI sessions
                      • 2 hours facilitating SI sessions
                      • ½ hour attending SI staff meeting    
                      • ½ hour meeting with course instructor

•   Assist students with course content and academic development.
•   Attend all class lectures. You will know what the instructor expects from the students while building student rapport.
•   Plan and facilitate two (50 minute) SI study sessions during the week.
•   Promote the SI sessions to the class. Effective promotion is essential to increase student attendance in the SI sessions.
•   Help students refine learning skills such as note taking, test preparation, problem solving, organization, and group studying.
•   Develop and maintain working partnership with instructor.
•   Attend pre semester and on-going SI Coach training.



•   Being an SI Coach is an invaluable experience for all careers, especially future educators, managers, C.E.O.s, and entrepreneurs.
•   Excellent extra-curricular activity for university transfer applications.
•   Refine your leadership, speaking, and instructional skills. Learn to manage and motivate groups of people.
•   Develop collegiate camaraderie, build self-confidence, and become a more efficient learner.
•   Improve your listening, administrative, and organizational abilities.
•   Earn $12.00/hr.


Please submit application and unofficial transcripts in person or through email

Luis Barrueta, M.S., SI Coordinator     MBA Building Room 329     310-660-3612

Last Published 5/11/17