Food Services
Procedure 300
Cash Register Overrings and Voids

Cash Register Operator

In case of an, cashiers working at the cash register should complete the following:

  1. Circle and initial the transaction on the tape. Note the time.
  2. Record the following information on the void sheet:
  1. transaction number
  2. amount of overring
  3. Have supervisor approve and initial void sheet and indicate time.

Cafeteria Cashier Clerk

This procedure is to be used for each individual cash register

  1. obtain register void sheets.
  2. Check to see all voids are approved by authorized person.
  3. Adjust tape total to reflect any voids.
  4. Have Director sign and date all void sheets.
  5. Attach void sheet to tape and forward to Accounting Office with daily deposit records.

E1 Camino College
Business Department Management Staff
Approved: 3/11/80