How to Report or Make a Complaint of Unlawful Discrimination
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How to Report or Make a Complaint of Unlawful Discrimination

All incidents where imminent physical danger is known or suspected should be reported to police (9-1-1 or 310-660-3100) immediately.  Students may also report incidents of Unlawful Discrimination to the Student Health Center if they wish to remain confidential (see Confidentiality section below).

When the District becomes aware of Unlawful Discrimination, it may have an obligation to proceed with an investigation, regardless of a Complainant’s wishes to the contrary, in order to ensure the safety of the District Community. If a person requests that their name or other identifying information not be used in an investigation, the District will weigh requests for confidentiality against its duty to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all members of the District Community.

Furthermore, when the Respondent is not a District employee or student, it may severely reduce the District’s ability to effectively investigate the complaint and take appropriate action.  

In most cases, information including the person’s name may be shared with the Respondent, witnesses and with District officials who have a legitimate need to know or law enforcement as applicable. Beyond that, the District will take steps to reasonably protect the person’s identity and the identity of all individuals involved.

All reports of unlawful discrimination or harassment should be made or referred directly to the Director of Staff & Student Diversity via email to ( via phone (310-660-3813), via Incident Report and Referral Form, or in person at the Office of Staff & Student Diversity (Communications Building, Room 201-D).