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Temporary Detours: Parking and Pathways  

Beginning December 15, 2019: Fencing Will be Installed Throughout the Center of Campus

Beginning December 15, 2019, fencing will be installed throughout the center of campus to initiate the demolition of the former Student Services building and Activities Center, which will continue through June 30, 2020. The fence will remain in place for construction of the Behavioral & Social Science building and the Arts Complex until August 2022. The fencing project will affect the walkway between the Library and the buildings slated for demolition. The fencing will be placed on the walkway that stretches across library lawn, and runs parallel to the Library and will continue on the southern walkway parallel to the Art North building; the western walkaway that runs parallel to the North Gym; and the northern walkway parallel to the Communications building. The new construction portion of the project will occur between August 2020 and August 2022. The fencing will remain up until the completion of the project. Construction vehicles will access the demolition and construction site from Manhattan Beach Blvd between Lemoli Avenue and Crenshaw Blvd. Safety personnel will be stationed at the Manhattan Beach Blvd. entrance and on campus near the site at the crosswalk near the Communications building and the Planetarium.

Detour Map
Phase 1: Fence Installation & Demolition of former Student Services building and Activities Center
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Detour Map
Phase 2: Construction of Behavioral & Social Science Building and the Arts Complex
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Beginning 12/14/18: Fence Relocation - Walkway Closure from Softball Field to Soccer Field/Stadium.

The Contractor for the Gym Project (AMG) will be closing off the walkway between the Softball Field and the Practice Field/Stadium to complete their scope of work. Besides affecting the walkway this will also block off the gates on the south side to the football field and the ticket booth. In addition there is one Code Blue emergency phone which is at the south east corner of the existing practice field which will be encapsulated inside the fence line. The duration for this closure is from 12/14/18 - 1/25/19.

Detour Map

Beginning 1/26/18: Athletic Department Relocation

The Athletics Department will be relocated to various locations on campus due to the Gymnasium/PE Complex construction project. The areas that will be closed are shown below on the map in red; pedestrian and accessible walkways are also noted on the map.

Accessible Walkways near Gym/PE Complex Custruction


Beginning 8/16/17: Construction and Road Closures

Please note new traffic patterns for pedestrians and vehicles along Crenshaw Boulevard due to the Administration Building construction project. The entrance at the traffic light on Crenshaw Boulevard is closed; drop off points have also been relocated. See map below for more information.

Map Construction


6/5/17: Road Closure for Administration Building Demolition Starting July 2017

Please be advised that in order to facilitate the demolition of the existing Administration Building, and the construction of the new building, the campus loop roadway along the MBAH and Administration Buildings will be fenced off beginning July of 2017 as identified on the site plan below.

Please note: There will be NO ACCESS to the campus loop roadway from Crenshaw Blvd. at either the traffic signal or the driveway north of the signal. There will be access to Lots J and K. Access to Lot B will be from Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Map Construction