Dirty Bom
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Since September 11, 2002, we all have been bombarded with information about potential threats by terrorists to our safety and the safety of those around us. The latter part of 2001 brought daily news regarding the latest anthrax scare. El Camino College was not immune from the current events and we too had several reports of packages or containers containing some suspicious powder - none of which tested positive for anthrax or any other toxin.

The talk today is of the possibility of an attack by terrorists detonating a "radioactive dirty bomb". Of course, every law enforcement and public safety officer in California, the United States and elsewhere is dedicated to seeing that no such attack ever takes place. However, there is no guarantee that terrorists will not one day succeed and the general public is wise to inform themselves about the nature of this threat. With that thought, the links on this page will provide some of that to help keep you safe in such an event.

ABC News: What is a dirty bomb?