Cornerstone FAQ's
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General Info

Cornerstone is the college's new Flex-tracking software, replacing PD Reporter.  Here is the Cornerstone Info flier that was handed out on Fall PD Day 2019. 



Training workshops are held in-person through Professional Development & Learning. There is also online training available via tutorial videos. At the present time, 12 videos are available with more in development. (Additional topics are covered in the in-person course.) 

Since registration for the in-person workshop takes place inside Cornerstone, we recommend watching at least the first 3 Cornerstone videos in the tutorial videos playlist to see how to sign up for the workshop. 

The in-person workshop covers the following topics: Logging in, Signing Out, Getting Help, The Vision Resource Center, Accessing the Calendar, Finding & Registering for Classes, Withdrawing from a Class, Adding your Avatar, Adding your Summary, Submitting an Extrernal Training (formerly called IPP & Conference Request), Accessing



Q: Will my information from PD Reporter for Fall Semester be carried over into Cornerstone?

A: Yes, your data has already been carried over.


Q: The number of hours that got carried over for Fall from PD Reporter is incorrect. How do I get that fixed?

A: Contact Chris Brown at


Q: What do the various Cornerstone acronyms & terms mean?

A: ILT = Instructor-Led Training

     Nav bar = Navigation Bar

     External Training = Any activity not found on the training calendar. (These were formerly known as Conferece Requests / IPPs in PD Reporter.)  For example, being a Student Club advisor or visiting a museum. In order to earn Flex for these activities, you'll need to submit them as an External Training. Here is the External Training tutorial video which demonstrates how to complete the form. 


Q: I took a required training on the Keenan website. When will those hours appear in Cornerstone?

A: Currently, Flex hours for certain Keenan courses need to be submitted as External Trainings (just as you would have submitted an IPP for the class in PD Reporter.)  If you took the course on the Keenan website, itself, and not inside Cornerstone, then that is one of the classes that you would need to submit as an External Training. The Extrnal Training request process is reviewed during the in-person Cornerstone workshops, as well as in this External Training tutorial video.  


Q: Is there a way to download an Excel file, where it will show a list of my activities and the total number of hours earned? 

A: Yes, here are the steps:

  1. From the Welcome Page, click on the Dashboard link in the lower right corner.
  2. You will see a graph with your Flex hours. Hover your mouse over the upper right corner of the graph. A black triangle button will appear.
  3. Click on the black triangle. 
  4. Select Refresh. This will make sure you are viewing the most up-to-date total.  
  5. Hover over the upper right corner of the graph again and click on the black triangle button one more time.
  6. Select Export to Excel.

Q: I'm interested in watching some videos on, but I'd rather my dean/manager not know that I'm watching all the "Becoming a Songwriter" classes, for example. Does my dean/manager automatically see everything I'm watching in

A: Yes, your dean/manager has access to your Cornerstone Transcript, and currently all the videos you watch automatically appear on your Transcript. If you'd like to still watch videos but not do so through Cornerstone, and you live in Los Angeles, you might be able to access for free via your Los Angeles Public Library Card


 Q: I watched a lot of videos over the past few weeks, and now my Learner Home page is saying I've accumulated 84 Flex hours. Does that mean I'm done with my Flex requirement?

A: No. At the current time, the number on the Learner Home (next to the icon of an hourglass) reflects all videos watched whether they are Flex eligible or not. For example, if you are an Accounting instructor and you watched the videos on how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Garage Band, those wouldn't be related to your discipline according to the Flex Matrix, and so they wouldn't be Flex eligible.  

Please do not rely on the number on the Learner Home page, as it is not accurate for determining Flex. Instead, please use the Dashboard feature (explained above.)


Q: I found a video series on that might count as being related to my discipline, but then again it might not. How would I determine if it is Flex eligible before I invest the time in watching it?

A: Your dean will be able to let you know if a certain series will count for Flex. It's best to check with your dean before watching the series.