El Camino College Art Gallery to Present “Moving Line”
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El Camino College Art Gallery to Present “Moving Line”

The El Camino College Art Gallery will present “Moving Line,” artwork in a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, digital media and video focusing on the wiles of the moving line. The exhibit runs Feb. 12-March 8, with a reception scheduled for 7-9 p.m. Feb. 22 and an artists' talk set for 1 p.m. Feb 27.

The work of 15 artists from Southern California is featured in “Moving Line.” From the earliest days in human history, the artistry of the line has been fascinating for its capacity to evoke both motion and emotion. Whether the sense of movement is achieved through repetition and proximity of lines to each other or through fragmentation of boundaries, or even through a particular media itself, all of the artists in this exhibition share a timeless captivation with movement.

Ahmet Arslan presents several ink wash drawings/paintings in which human features sequentially emerge; Barbara Berk exhibits drawings where movements of her body circumscribe the drawing itself; and Angie Bray presents “Walking Breathing Drawings.” These drawings are done while walking beside a long strip of clear acetate with brush in hand loaded with watery ink. The residue of the action is the image.

Robin Bush-Vance shows paintings done with spray paint, stencils and lace on paper, in which shapes fall and rise; Chenhung Chen presents colossal seething sculptural works made of twisted electrical wire and electrical components; Marsia Alexander-Clarke presents meditative video abstractions with lines that continuously pulsate and travel while reconstructing the image; and Joyce Kohl exhibits subtle clay sculptural wall works in which the surface is imprinted with waving lines that resemble traces of the ocean on a sandy shore.

Norm Looney presents large drawings in mixed media on paper from his “Chaos Series” that indicate movement through the curving and subsequent breaking of the line; Karena Massengill shows two interpretations of a vibrating “Hindu Buddhist Spirit,” one in fabricated steel, the other in acrylic and charcoal on paper; John Montich exhibits a scintillating photographic abstraction on aluminum in which the artist repeats and rotates the original image to create a completed whole; Pierre Picot exhibits pastel drawings in which lines whirl and vibrate, creating charged abstracted landscapes; and Anne Scheid presents a singular figurative drawing, “Tension and Balance,” well as her video “What’s in a Line.”

Joann Tomsche presents strong figurative contour drawings in ink with ink wash on paper; Philip Vaughan shows energetic gestural line abstractions in graphite and charcoal on paper, created while listening to jazz – the rhythm translates into the drawings; and Cheryl Walker exhibits exquisite ribbons of graphite that swirl over the large (8 feet by 50 inches) paper like smoke in midair.

The El Camino College Art Gallery is located on campus at 16007 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance and is open 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays and from noon-7:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information, contact Director/Curator Susanna Meiers at 310-660-3010. Admission to the El Camino College Art Gallery and gallery events is free. On-campus parking is $3. The Art Gallery will be closed Feb. 19.

February 1, 2018