UndocuWarrior Students Participate in National Training
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UndocuWarrior Students Participate in National Training

Two students from El Camino College’s student-run organization, “UndocuWarriors,” have been selected to participate in a Student Policy Initiative focused on supporting the academic endeavors of undocumented students throughout California.  This initiative will be staffed by the Southern California College Access Network and the Campaign for College Opportunity.

The National College Access Network, the Southern California College Access Network, in partnership with the Campaign for College Opportunity have joined to create a Coalition that has launched an initiative to involve undocumented student clubs and organizations at California's colleges and universities to improve college access and success for undocumented students. In an effort to advance the Coalition’s 2021 Policy Priorities, El Camino’s UndocuWarriors received a $2,000 grant for their participation in the Coalition's Student Policy Initiative. The $2,000 grant will be disbursed to the organization to support operations and will not be disbursed to any individual student. 

UndocuWarriors student members Alma Ramirez Venegas and Brenda Martinez Fernandez have been selected to represent El Camino College by attending and participating in training sessions and activities cultivated by the Initiative’s staff and coaches. Alma and Brenda were selected by their peers because of their understanding of, and passion to, address issues impacting undocumented students in California. El Camino College is one of only two community colleges in California selected to participate in the Student Policy Initiative. The training began June 27.

El Camino College Transfer Center Coordinator Dr. Rene Lozano, submitted the application on behalf of UndocuWarriors and is excited about the outcome.

 "This is a great opportunity for Alma and Brenda as they will receive access and exposure to some of the most innovative and forward-thinking strategies taught to them by leaders who are dedicated to making a difference for our students and our communities,” expressed Dr. Lozano.

July 21, 2021