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Student Outcomes

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Data and reports describing student outcomes based on system-wide goals, local goals or institutional effectiveness metrics.

Degrees and Certificates

Reports the division, program, gender and ethnicity of students who were awarded degrees and certificates for an academic year.

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Time to Completion Report

Tracks the time to completion for first time degree and certificate recipients.

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Student Services Metrics Tool

Reports demographics and outcomes including degrees, certificates awarded and transfers for students who are in student services support programs. 

Click on Student Services Metrics Tool to access the dashboard via TEAMS. Click on "use web app instead" to enter your ECC login information before acquiring access to the dashboard.

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Academic Program Review

Reports course completion rates, demographics, enrollment, awards and transfer data for academic programs.

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Initiatives Outcomes

Data and reports describing student outcomes based on California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office initiatives.

Guided Pathways

Reports demographics and outcomes based on students' meta majors. 

Please refer to the dashboard usage guide below for data definitions and examples of visuals and their explanations.

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Guided Pathways Success Teams Dashboard Usage Guide


Reports on student outcomes in relation to the implementation of AB705. This legislation establishes a stronger assessment process that intends to improve student completion rates in math and English courses.

South Bay Promise

Reports on the outcomes of students who are part of the South Bay Promise initiative. The South Bay Promise creates an affordable pathway directly from high school to college for students in the El Camino College District.

ILO Assessment Reports

At El Camino College, Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) represent a broadly-defined knowledge base and/or set of skills that students are expected to demonstrate as a result of their educational experience at the college. 

The college assesses its ILOs on a 4-year cycle, with one ILO topic scheduled for assessment in any given academic year.