Senate Adjunct Award
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ECC Academic Senate Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award

The ECC Academic Senate Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award honors one adjunct faculty member each year. These excellent faculty members have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to their students and teaching at ECC.  In addition, they show a commitment to the ECC mission and to campus, professional and/or student activities. 

2017 Sarah Leinen

Sarah Leinen has been commended for her steadfast commitment to our students and to the mission of El Camino College. Sarah has worn numerous hats since she arrived at El Camino in 2012. Not only is she an Academic Strategies Adjunct Instructor, Sarah has served as the Reading Success Center Coordinator, a Writing Center tutor, and is a co-advisor to the Gender & Sexuality Alliance Club. Sarah is committed to creating a community learning environment and she strives to be a dynamic instructor who does not instruct her students to their academic goals, rather guides them, thereby allowing them to create their own learning opportunities.

2016 Dustin Black

Dustin is an adjunct assistant professor of history who began teaching at El Camino in 2011.  His student-centered approach to teaching is guided by the belief that building sincere rapport with students paves the way for transformative education while strengthening their sense of individual worth and personal agency. Dustin serves on a number of committees including Academic Senate and the Faculty Development Committee, in addition to serving as the advisor to the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society at Compton College; meanwhile, he is currently working towards a Doctorate in Education at UCLA.

2015  Kim Nguyen

Ms. Nguyen, an instructor in psychology, was commended for her tireless efforts to address each student’s needs on an individualized basis, spending as much time as necessary to reinforce a difficult course concept or drive home a word of encouragement.  Ms. Nguyen’s commitment to excellence is evidenced by her students’ capstone projects which meet standards for publication in a psychological research journal.  As Coordinator for the biannual Psychology Student Symposium, Ms. Nguyen not only plans, organizes and hosts the event, she also mentors each participant’s professional growth.

2014  Mediha Din

Mediha Din is an adjunct instructor in Sociology who was selected to receive the 2014 Hayward Award by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.  Students and colleagues appreciate her expertise creating a rich learning environment in which she provides multiple, academically rigorous supports for student success including multimedia lectures, note-taking guides, and online resources. Outside the classroom, she is involved in the SLO process, completed FIPP (the Faculty Inquiry Partnership Program) and serves as advisor for the Muslim Student Association. She writes for a Pearson online publication, SociologyInFocus.

2013  Maribel Hernandez

Maribel Hernandez has served as a Human Development Instructor and the Coordinator and Counselor for the Puente Project  program, which is designed to support the educational goals of at-risk students so that they are equipped to return to their communities  as mentors and students.  Ms. Hernandez's educational philosophy is that "education should be transformative where students learn  that education is not just to get a career but to gain knowledge."

2012  Pam Huth

 As an adjunct instructor of studio art, Pam Huth has been praised by students, peers, and Fine Arts Division administrators as a  devoted educator.  An active artist involved in creating and exhibiting her own work, she has consistently provided guidance,  encouragement, and inspiration to her students in their pursuit of their artistic dreams.  Ms. Huth believes that "art is an active and vital  part of our lives today" and she encourages students to "explore their ethnic and cultural backgrounds and bring it into their work."

2011  Josephine Moore

Josephine Moore was the sole instructor of Medical Terminology 1, a prerequisite course for the Nursing, Radiation Technology and Respiratory Care programs.  Her colleagues provided glowing reports that "students LOVE her classes" because of her careful mentoring that instils self-discipline and goal-setting in her students, while exposing them to career opportunities in the Health Sciences and Medical fields.  Josephine is also commended by her colleagues as "an outspoken advocate for students and faculty."  She is "enthusiastic" and uses her "wealth of personal experiences" to teach and mentor her students.

2010  Lynn Fielding

Lynn Fielding was honored as the first recipient of the ECC Academic Senate Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award.  In 2010, Ms. Fielding had taught for the Natural Sciences and Industry and Technology Divisions for 18 years.