Basic Skills
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El Camino College Basic Skills

This page remains for archival purposes but is no longer updated. The Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) was integrated with the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) and the Student Equity Plan (SEP), culminating in the Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEA). In addition, AB705 radically changed our discussion of, and approach to, basic skills instruction.

Welcome to the ECC Basic Skills Web page designed to provide faculty and staff with a centralized and accessible source for information, policies, procedures, resources, and professional development opportunities for enhancing the success of our basic skills students.

Purpose of Basic Skills Web page:

  1. Connect faculty and staff to basic skills resource materials, including reference materials, statewide documents, effective practices.
  2. Provide information about Student Success Services on campus.
  3. Disseminate information regarding the campus action plan, the Basic Skills Advisory Group, campus Basic Skills Coordinators, Basic Skills programs on campus, and ECC Basic Skills projects.
  4. Publicize and track the data gathered, analysis, and progress made at El Camino College.
  5. Provide information on professional development activities for Basic Skills, including webinars, conferences and regional meetings.

El Camino College Goals for Basic Skills:

  1. Increase the success rate of students enrolled in ESL, basic skills mathematics, reading and writing courses.
  2. Increase year-to-year persistence rate of students enrolled in basic skills courses.
  3. Increase completion rates (certificates, degrees, transfer) of students who begin their college education at the basic skills level.
  4. Offer a comprehensive professional development program for basic skills instructors that is ongoing, consistently supported, collaborative, faculty-driven, and engages increasing numbers of full- and part-time faculty.
  5. Increase the incidents and depth of collaboration among academic departments and between academic programs and student services to support basic skills students.