Psychology Degree Requirements
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A.A. Degree
This degree is designed to provide students with a foundation in the science of psychology. Psychology majors will acquire the ability to survey theories critically, research the major areas of psychology, use descriptive and inferential statistics, design and conduct research, and write reports using analysis, argumentation, and proper psychological style. This major prepares students for career opportunities in fields such as teaching, research, and/or clinical practice. Competencies will be assessed regularly by evaluating student performance on exams, essays, and reports.

Required Core: 11 units

List A: 3-4 units

List B: 6 units

Any list A course not already completed

Total Units: 20-21

Preparation for the Transfer Major

The following transfer guide sheets provide the lower division requirements or prerequisites for a specific major at a four-year university. Students will also need to complete transfer admission and general education requirements for the university they plan to attend. Not all majors and universities are provided in this list. For a more complete listing, please check ASSIST for CSU and UC campuses.

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The information on these documents is subject to change without notice. Please review a current catalog of the transfer campus, the ASSIST website, and consult with a counselor for more information.