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A sentence or two describing the content or purpose of this page or reasons to continue reading.

Note: H1 is reserved for the large grey header at the top of the page. H1 should not be used in the main content area

H2 Tags

H2 Headers are the most commonly used header tag. Use them to break up larger content into smaller sections. H2 are the key points of your webpage. A user should be able to scan the for H2 tags and get a good understanding of the content

H3 Tags

These tags are less common, use them to break up H2 sections into smaller divisions. Break up H2 with H3 tags help the reader stay focused on pages with a lot of text.

H4 Tags

Usually, H4 tags are even less common, but they can be used to break up the H3 sections. Manuals and technical pages are good candidates to use H4 tags.