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Philosophy means the love of wisdom. Some people believe that philosophy is esoteric and that philosophers think about meaningless topics, but philosophy helps us make wise decisions and therefore is the most practical of all subjects. In fact, your philosophy classes will help you in your other classes, in your personal life, and in your professional life

An education in Philosophy will provide students with:

  • An enriched vocabulary, useful in any field you are considering
  • An understanding of some of the basic beliefs and values of various cultures
  • An ability to argue more effectively, and to feel confident in explaining your position
  • An ability to face the challenges of a diverse society with both perspective and autonomy

Philosophy will help you become more of the following:

  • Open-minded: You will be exposed to many new perspectives and learn to see the world through the eyes of those who have different backgrounds than you.
  • Self-reflective: You will learn to question your own beliefs and see that had you been born elsewhere, your beliefs and values would certainly be quite different.
  • Inquisitive: You will not blindly accept what other people say and will have a questioning mind that has a healthy skepticism and searches for the facts.
  • Authentic: You will develop your own beliefs based on your own reasons, and not tenaciously hold onto those beliefs you have unreflectively acquired in your childhood.
  • Tolerant: You will realize that you cannot prove that your moral or religious beliefs are true or even clearly the best, and those with other beliefs may be as justified as you are in your beliefs.
  • Articulate: The increased discipline in your thinking and language will help you communicate clearly in your writing and speaking.
  • Benevolently Motivated: You will be motivated to make your life count and make a difference in the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that philosophy majors are among the highest paid employees?

Did you know that Philosophy majors have the highest acceptance rate into Law School, Medical School, and Business School?


3 Myths of Philosophy Majors
  • graph of salaries

PLO #1 Ethical Theories: Students who have completed the Philosophy program will be able to identify, explain, and evaluate the major ethical theories, and to apply them to both contemporary and practical moral issues.

PLO #2 Epistemological Theories: Students who have completed the Philosophy program will be able to identify, explain, and evaluate the major epistemological theories, and be able to describe and assess how those theories impact the areas of science, ethics and metaphysics.

PLO #3 Meaning of Life: Students who have completed the Philosophy program will be able to identify, explain, and evaluate the various arguments regarding core metaphysical issues such as free will v. determinism, the mind-body problem, materialism v. spiritualism and idealism, personal identity, the meaning of life, and whether God, souls, heaven and hell, and karma exist. 

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