Political Science

Students will acquire knowledge of fundamental political theory and research as well as the principle functions and administrations of the governments of the United States and California.

 Upon successful program completion, students will be able to describe the methodology and research techniques employed by contemporary political scientists and analyze the organization and operation of California state and local governments. Students also will be able to examine urban problems, regional politics, and intergovernmental relations and their interrelationships with national institutions and policies as well as the international law and international organizations designed to deal with these issues. Competencies will be assessed regularly through examinations, essays, projects, and reports.

Contact Information:
Dr. Christina Gold, Dean
Office: Social Science Building, Room 101
Phone: 310-660-3735
Email:  cgold@elcamino.edu

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Contemporary Issues: Upon completion of their course of study in the Political Science Department, students will be able to identify and explain major economic, political, social, cultural and historical themes underlying contemporary issues in the policymaking process.                 

Primary and Secondary Sources: After completing their course of study within Political Science, students will be able to critically analyze different theories pertaining to the discipline using primary and/or secondary sources in support of their arguments.

Political Issues and Policy Making: After completing their course of study in Political Science, students will be able to identify and distinguish various academic and journalistic sources, and explain what these reveal about contemporary political issues and policymaking.



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