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Women's Studies


Women's Studies 1
An Introduction to Women's Studies

3 units; 3 hours lecture
Recommended Preparation:  eligibility for English 1A
Credit, degree applicable
Transfer CSU, UC

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the field of women's studies. The history of feminism, feminist thought, and women's studies as an academic discipline will be examined and assessed. The social construction of sex, gender, and sexuality, the representation of women in American society, and the role of women in American institutions will be analyzed from theoretical perspectives of various academic disciplines. Feminist perspectives will be utilized to critically analyze race, ethnicity, social class, sexuality, and age as they correlate with sex and gender in American society.

Important Links

National Women's History Project
Women In History
Women In Literature

Contact Information:
Dr. Christina Gold, Dean
Office: Social Science Building, Room 101
Phone: 310-660-3735
Email:  cgold@elcamino.edu