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WELCOME ... An exciting educational program awaits you. The Department is located in the Industry & Technology Education Center (ITEC).  Not only do we have some of the best architectural courses offered at a 2-year college and talented faculty to teach them, we offer a wide variety of related programming to further support your exploration of the architecture field and related professions. .

ECC Architecture v3.0 - New Program Enhancements - Updates Includes - 2 distinct paths & degrees - better transfer alignment - improved program navigation - focused requirementsView Flyer

NOTE FOR FALL 2022: A new updated architecture program rolls out in the new school year.  This includes both a modified degree (Professional Practice) and a new degree (University Transfer), as well as new courses to further support your educational endeavors. However, not all the modifications are fully populated across El Camino College's multiple digital platforms.  Please contact your instructor or the ITEC Guidance Counselors (listed below). 

While most Lab (aka Studio) courses will be 100% in-person, others are listed as hybrid-learning with both in-person and online synchronous instruction – to be conducted on the day and time as listed in the schedule. Please check with the instructor to confirm the instruction delivery method for your class.



The program prepares students interested in architecture or related fields associated with the built and natural environment.  Whether Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, or Community Planning, the program is designed to offer various educational paths to fit the student's academic or career needs.


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Upon completion of the Architecture Program, students will understand the processes and demonstrate the skills to be able to navigate a path that: 1.) transitions their academic career to a four-or five-year university design program, 2.) prepares them to begin work in architecture  3.) offers professional development or a new career path.

PLO 1: Bachelor Degree Pursuit

Upon completion of the Architecture Program, students will think critically and creatively about the built environment, understand the constraints that impact sites and buildings, and apply technical skills to convey design intent. Students will communicate both verbally and graphically their methodology to implement proposed design solutions.

PLO 2: Industry Technical Entry

Upon completion of the course of study in Architecture, students will recognize the basic requirements of professional practice in planning, architecture, engineering and related disciplines and possess the required technical and communication skills, and demonstrate the ability to work productively in a team setting.

PLO 3: Career Enrichment

Upon completion of the course of study in Architecture, students will expand their existing knowledge base and skill set by demonstrating new problem-solving capabilities, adding competencies and technical skills to reposition or advance within the professional practice of the built environment.


Starting at $48,700  Experienced at $137,620  Median: $80,750 (U.S. BLS-May 2019)





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