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Electronics & Computer Hardware

Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology

Associate in Science and  Certificates of Achievement and Accomplishment

The Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology program prepares students for employment in the areas of computer hardware and industrial, military, and consumer electronics. Students acquire proficiency in analyzing, assembling, testing, and troubleshooting both analog circuits and computer systems. Students are trained in industry standard codes and symbols for components, systems, safety devices, and procedures.

The program also meets the needs of the currently employed who seek upgrade skills, change careers, or prepare for industry certification and licensing. Competencies will be assessed regularly by student performance in the classroom and laboratory.


Estimated Annual Earnings

Electronics Engineering Technician
Starting at $34,383  Experienced at $89,269

Computer Hardware Engineer
Starting at $64,120  Experienced at $145,662



Industry Technology
Education Center 

Robert Diaz
(310) 660-3593 x4209

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