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Nutrition Science

Transfer Program 

Dietetics is the study of human nutrition and its application in meeting the dietary needs of individuals based on personal health status, risk factors and target goals.  Nutrition professionals also seek solutions for sustainable food systems and for farm-to-table food safety. Many colleges and universities offer dietetic programs through the Department of Family and Consumer Science, designed to prepare individuals for occupations as professional dietitians, dietetic technicians, and credentialed nutrition professionals. These programs also provide a strong and suitable foundation for students preparing for careers in areas of public health and nutritional science. 

Certification as a Registered Dietitian (RD) requires a comprehensive internship by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics after the completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Dietetics. This internship includes rotations in community nutrition, foodservice management, and clinical dietetics in a hospital setting.  Dietetic and nutrition professionals may also specialize in unique areas of food and nutrition such as food science, sports nutrition, lifecycle nutrition, private practice, education and research.

Estimated Annual Earnings

  • Starting at $52,283
  • Experienced at $89,769