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Mathematical Sciences Division


Mathematics Division Office
MBA Building, Room 130 
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(310) 660-3593 x3200

7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
The college will be closed on Fridays from June 25, 2021 - August 13, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our physical location is closed.  Staff are working remotely and can be reached at the above phone number and email address.

STUDENTS: If you need to complete a Prerequisite Petition Form, a Section Transfer Form, or if you need to Meet the Dean or receive your AB 705 math placement clearances, please make your request by emailing the division office at math@elcamino.edu.

For any other mathematics, computer science, or engineering inquiries, email us at math@elcamino.edu.

Repeat petitions are now completed with the Admissions & Records Office.  Click here to go their website or you may email them at admissionshelp@elcamino.edu.   The Division of Mathematical Sciences offers instruction to students in mathematics, computer science and engineering.   Mathematics courses include basic skills and general education, courses for future teachers, and courses for students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The computer science program includes a variety of computer language courses and preparation for students transferring to four-year computer science programs. In engineering, two courses are offered.   The division is dedicated to promoting student success at all levels. For information about the El Camino College Mathematics Placement, go to Math Placement Information. The Mathematics Study Center (MBA 119) provides one-to-one tutoring on a drop-in basis. Many mathematics courses provide students the opportunity to use computational and homework technology, such as the graphing calculators, Mathematica, WebAssign, and MyMathLab.   Spring 2021 Corequisite/Parent Courses
Summer 2021 Corequisite/Parent Courses
Fall 2021 Corequisite/Parent Courses



Dr. Marlow Lemons, Dean
mlemons@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x3228

Gerson Valle, Associate Dean
gvalle@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x3223

Marta Maaza, Administrative Assistant
mmaaza@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x3201

Janet Quezada, Senior Clerical Assistant
jaquezada@elcamino.edu   (310) 660-3593 x5200

Aster Assefa, Clerical Assistant
aassefa@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x3202

Kathryn Marsh, Math Study Center Coordinator
kamarsh@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x6591

Arturo Hernandez, MESA Director
ahernandez@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x3887

Luis Barrueta, Supplemental Instruction (SI) Coordinator
lbarrueta@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x3612

Daniela Beltran, Program Coordinator - Computer Science S-STEM
dbeltran@elcamino.edu  (310) 660-3593 x3413