ESL 53C Consistency Project
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ESL 53C Consistency Project


The ESL 53C Consistency Project was designed to increase student success through faculty collaboration in addressing the challenges of adhering to the official course outline and applying consistent standards of rigor and assessment while also addressing our students’ wide range of skills and academic challenges.  The faculty are examining both the instructional content and the assessment of student work in all sections of ESL 53C to assess and ultimately ensure the consistency of the ESL writing experience for students.  In spring of 2015, over the course of two workshops, faculty have worked together to assess ways to avoid plagiarism and to analyze writing prompts/rubrics for the purpose of group assessment.  For the final assessment of spring 2015, ESL 53C instructors will apply the 53C rubric during a group norming session workshop.  They will then discuss the findings of the assessment to problem-solve for increased consistency in instruction and assessment.  Data will be collected and compiled from 53C instructors for the fall 2015 ESL 53C SLO assessment report.


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