English 1A Course Review
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English 1A Course Review



In the fall of 2013, 1A assessment leaders, including representatives from adjunct faculty and Compton faculty, met to implement recent faculty recommendations for English 1A Course Review.  All members of the English department reviewed the 1A SLO assessment results from the spring of 2013 and were invited to contribute to the discussion of English 1A Course Review.  When discussing key revisions to the English 1A curriculum, the Course Review leaders considered all faculty contributions.  Revisions included a change of prerequisites in the ESL sequence; an update in sample assignments on the Course Outline of Record (COR), in particular the inclusion of the recently adopted SLO-aligned assignment; and an update of representative texts, including more diversity in authors and an inclusion of expository writing.  In addition to these recommended changes to the COR, the faculty discussed the implementation of other faculty recommendations that would not be included in a change in curriculum, such as recommendations for the weighting of the research essay to ensure that no student passes English 1A without demonstration of adequate essay writing skills.  


Fall 2013 Documents


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