Computer Aided Design/Drafting Degrees & Certificates
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Degrees & Certificates


Associate in Science Degree

To receive an Associate in Science degree from El Camino College, a student must complete at least 60 units in degree applicable college courses which must include general education requirements and course work in an approved transfer major or associate degree program. Course work toward the degree must be completed with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher.

A minimum of 12 of the required 60 degree applicable units must be successfully completed at El Camino College. A notation of “Graduation with Honors” is earned with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students must file an intent to graduate in the evaluations area located in the Admissions Office by the deadline date published in the schedule of classes.

El Camino College Major Requirements:
At least 50% of the major requirements for the Associate in Science Degree must be completed at El Camino College.
23.5 units from:
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 5
Introduction to Mechanical Drafting
(3 units)
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 33
Analysis and Simulations with CATIA
(2 units)
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 7
Solid Modeling, Assemblies and Two Dimensional (2D) Drawings
(3 units)
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 37
Advanced CATIA Functions
(2 units) 
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 28
Parametric Three Dimensional (3D) Modeling and Assemblies
(2 units)
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 43
Design Process and Concepts
(4.5 units)
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 31
Orientation to CATIA
(2 units)
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 45
Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing
(2 units)
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 32
Product Modeling with CATIA
(2 units) 
 One course from the following: 
Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology 11
Introduction to Electronics
(3 units)
Welding 15
Basic Welding for Allied Fields
(3 units)
Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology 22
Basic Electronic Fabrication
(3 units)
Art 141
Digital Art Fundamentals
(3 units)
Machine Tool Technology 16
General Metals
(3 units)
Art 144
Three-Dimensional Computer Animation
(3 units)
Machine Tool Technology 46
Basic Machine Tool Operations
(3 units)
Computer Information Systems 13
Computer Information Systems
(3 units)
Machine Tool Technology 101
Introduction to Conventional and CNC Machining
(4 units)
 Total Units: 26.5-27.5