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Certificates of Achievement

The environmental technology program prepares students for employment in the sustainable technology field. Students gain understanding of the broad range of ecological and social issues driving sustainability, as well as a global awareness of environmentalism. With a foundation in the principles of sustainability, students develop a framework of understanding with specific training in environmental systems, sustainable materials, and technical methodologies. Areas such as distribution and energy management, water resources, and waste management will be studied. Students completing the program will be positioned for sustainable jobs in architecture, construction and building energy auditing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, fashion, automotive technology, and related industries. Competencies will be assessed regularly by student performance in the classroom and laboratory.

A Certificate of Accomplishment will be granted upon completion of all program requirements.

El Camino College Major Requirements:

At least 50% of the courses required for the Certificate of Accomplishment must be completed at El Camino College. 

Environmental Technology Certificate:
Required Core: 9 units
Environmental Technology 101
Theory and Relevancy of Global Environmental Awareness
(3 units)
Environmental Technology 103
Environmental Technology Materials and Methodologies
(3 units)
Environmental Technology 102
Sustainable Energy and Renewable Building Sciences/Technologies
(3 units)
4-8 units from:  
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 20
Solar Energy Applications-Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal
(3 units)
Construction Technology 100
Building Fundamentals
(4 units)
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 25
Energy Efficient Residential, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning
(4 units)
Construction Technology 110
Additions and Remodeling
(4 units)
Architecture 100
An Orientation to Architecture
(1 units)
Fashion 20
(3 units)
Environmental Technology 165
Sustainable and Regenerative Practices in Site and Landscape Development
(3 units)
Total Units: 13-17