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Class Schedule and Instructors

Class Schedule

El Camino offers the Fire Academy two times a year. Currently, we offer one Full-Time Academy each semester.

Full-Time Class

Full-Time is a sixteen-week class that runs Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1700. There are three to four hours of homework each night and over the weekends. Students find it difficult to hold down a job and attend the Full-Time Academy, because the class workload is so extensive.

PLEASE NOTE for both the Full-Time and Part-Time Academy our students are not allowed to continue with any score below 80% in the classroom, and 100% in the drill yard!

Part-Time Class

Currently Not Available


Full-Time starts in July/August, for the Fall Semester and January/February, for the Spring Semester.


There is a deadline for submitting your application.

Please contact Chief Josh Boies @ (310) 419-4403 / or Chief Jeff Baumunk @ (310) 660-3593 x 3256 / for information on the last day that applications are accepted for the following semester


Completed applications have a current EMT card that reflects your passing of the National Registry. The Physical Ability Test is valid for a year and MUST be valid when the semester begins.


Fire and Emergency Technology 1 – Fire Protection Organization
Fire and Emergency Technology 3 – Fundamentals of Personal Fire Safety and Survival
Fire and Emergency Technology 5 – Fire Behavior and Combustion
Fire and Emergency Technology 6 – Building Construction for Fire Protection
Emergency Medical Technician License or National Registered Card
Biddle or CPAT physical agility test
Medical physical
Completed Application

Fire Fighter  Fire Wall


We have four primary instructors at the El Camino Fire Academy.

Students operate our fire engines and utilize our fire hydrants located strategically around the drill yard.

Our instructor to student ratio is another reason our Fire Academy is so well received. Our instructors are from the Los Angeles area and represent nearly a dozen different professional fire departments.

Many of our instructors are training officers in their own departments. 

David Gonzales
Industry and Technology

Chief Baumunk
Chief Jeff Baumunk
Public Safety Director
El Camino College


Chief Josh Boies
Fire Academy Director
El Camino College Fire Academy




Tuition: 15 units @ $46 per = $690
Uniform and P/T Gear: $350
Leather Steel Toe Zip Boots: $200
Firefighting Gear: $160-$500

Text Book and Study Guide: $17050
Turnouts Rental: $650
Certificate Fee: $220
Misc Costs: $300

Total Estimated Cost: $2,97050 - $3,31050

To apply go to the Contact Us link.


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