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The ITEC START Center is a pathway for students interested in technology and have interest in becoming part of the Industry and Technology Division Programs. The center provides students with many valuable tools to be guided in achieving their career goals.

The center offers counseling specific to CTE programs, as well as computer usage for registration and course work.


 Start Center Hours
      Office Hours                           
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      8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



ITEC START Center Student Feedback
As part of our effort to provide students with the best service possible. The ITEC START Center will be posting feedback of the students experience with our counselors and staff.    

"The counselor was very consistant on helping me on the information that I required on my journey in the college life. Counselor had an amazing and positive personality with caring characteristics. Was always very helpful with a smile in her face."

- 8/29/2017

"Counseling was great! I received a student educational plan, as well as went over graduation requirments. Staff was very polite and efficient in time management."


"It was good to come here to ask about everything knowing that you guys are here to help me, Thank you!"

- 7/6/17

"I honestly like coming to this office because I get every single question answer and I get all the help I need. I have only seen one counselor and she is amazing!"

- 7/6/17
"Extremely  helpful and friendly, made registration for classes easy.
I would definitely recommend their service to anyone looking to sign up for classes."

- 8/3/17
"I found the service from the counselor very light and easy to understand. Without a doubt I will come back to seek more help."

- 7/25/17
"Very kind and well mannerd. She was able to guide and help me in what I needed. I am very content and grateful she was able to helpt me get what I needed to be done right. The office staff was also amazing and went out of ther way to help me."

"This service is very helpful for students that need counseling. Staff was very kind as well as straight up with every student. Coming here made me want to return to get counseling done here every time."

- 9/13/17
Tambien ayudamos a estudiantes en español!

"Dan muy buena ayuda y servicio
a los alumnos, padres, y futuros profesionales. Gracias!"

- 8/16/17