Mathematical Sciences Courses Offered
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For courses no longer offered, see Archived Courses.

For old versions of currently offered courses, see Old Outlines.

Course Number

Course Name

Math 12

Basic Arithmetic Skills

Math 17A Math Academy: Arithmetic
Math 23 Pre-Algebra
Math 37 Basic Accelerated Math
Math 27A Math Academy: Pre-Algebra
Math 40 Elementary Algebra

Math 47A

Math Academy: Elementary Algebra

Math 60

Elementary Geometry

Math 67 General Education Algebra
Math 73 Intermediate Algebra for General Education
Math 80 Intermediate Algebra (Formerly Math 70)
Math 80S Intermediate Algebra Support
Math 110 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers – The Real Number System
Math 115 Probability and Statistics for Prospective Elementary School Teachers
Math 116 Geometry and Measurement for Prospective Elementary School Teachers
Math 120 Liberal Arts Mathematics
Math 120S Liberal Arts Mathematics Support
Math 130 College Algebra
Math 130S College Algebra Support
Math 140 Finite Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
Math 150 Elementary Probability and Statistics
Math 150H Honors Elementary Probability and Statistics
Math 150S Elementary Statistics Support
Math 165 Calculus for the Biological, Management and Social Sciences
Math 170 Trigonometry
Math 170S Trigonometry Support
Math 180 Pre-Calculus
Math 180S Pre-Calculus Support
Math 190 Single Variable Calculus and Analytical Geometry I
Math 191 Single Variable Calculus and Analytical Geometry II
Math 210 Introduction to Discrete Structures
Math 220 Multi Variable Calculus
Math 270 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
CSCI 1 Problem Solving and Program Design using C++
CSCI 2 Introduction to Data Structures
CSCI 3 Computer Programming in Java
CSCI 7 The Beauty of Computer Sciences Principles
CSCI 12 Programming for Internet Applications Using PHP, JavaScript, and XHTML
CSCI 14 Computer Programming in Python for Computer Science
CSCI 16 Assembly Language Programming for the IBM PC and Compatibles
CSCI 17 Computer Programming in MATLAB
CSCI 23 Advanced Java Programming and the Android Operating System
CSCI 30 Advanced Programming in C++
CSCI 40 Introduction to UNIX Operating Systems
Engineering 1 Introduction to Engineering
Engineering 9 Engineering Mechanics - Statics