Resume Preparation
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Resume Preparation

What is a resume?

  • It is an inventory you submit to an employer.
  • It is a job-hunting tool, a personal catalog of your job qualifications.
  • It “gets you on paper” briefly and accurately, for the prospective employer to see.
  • Its main purpose is to get you an interview with an employer. It does this by presenting the following information attractively and systematically:

    • Who you are
    • What you know
    • What you have done
    • What kind of work you want
    • Why you should be hired

Why a resume?


  • The resume has proven itself one of the most effective job-hunting tools.
  • The trend is toward using a resume in job searching. This is especially true for professional, scientific, executive and managerial positions – but it also applies to other types of work, such as clerical, secretarial and sales. Many employers recognize the resume as a means of securing qualified employees.
  • Properly prepared, a resume helps you to “get a foot in the door”. Often, it is the deciding factor in whether or not you get an interview.
  • Resumes can save you time by eliminating purposeless interviews with employers not in the market for your job qualifications.
  • A resume can be mailed to a number of perspective employers, many more than you could possibly visit.
  • Preparation of a resume, in itself, will help to organize your job campaign. It will start you thinking about your job qualifications and job opportunities. Having all the facts about yourself at your fingertips will increase your self-assurance; build your confidence for the personal interview with the employer. You can discuss your capabilities with an employer without fumbling for dates and significant facts.
  • Finally, after you have concluded your job interview, your resume can remain with the employer as a visual reminder of what you covered during the interview.

Resume Writing Workshops

For additional assistance with preparing your resume, please plan to attend a Resume Writing Workshop presented by the Career/Transfer Center.