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Please note--All summer classes will be conducted entirely online (including lab assignments), and all fall classes will begin online. If there are times listed for your class, keep your scheduled times free because your instructor may present lectures, tests, labs, or assignments during those times. For fall classes, if we are permitted to return to campus at some point during the fall semester, students will be notified.


Please note that this program will be discontinued after Fall 2021.  The NS Division plans to offer the sequence of classes indicated below.

cactus leaves

Spring Classes

Fall Classes

Spring 2019:

Hort-42 Plant Propagation

Hort-46 Plant ID--Shrubs

Fall 2019:

Hort-54 Landscape Design

Hort-53 Soils and Fertilizers

Spring 2020:

Hort-60 Landscape Design

Hort-46 Pest Control

Fall 2020:

Hort-41 General Horticulture

Hort-55 Plant ID--Trees

Spring 2021:

Hort-42 Plant Propagation

Hort-56 Plant ID--Shrubs

Fall 2021:

Hort-54 Landscape Design

Hort-53 Soils and Fertilizers

For more information, contact Natural Science Division Office at (310) 660-3343.