Physics Links
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Educational Resources

Graphpaper.exe (A graph paper making program)

Nice Net Forum for Prof. Leonardo and Prof. Goldmann's Classes.

Mechanical Universe Online Complete series of Mechanical Universe (requires a login)

Exploratorium This is one of the best all-round science-related websites available.

How Things Work Great science site; lots of answers from microwaves to bouncing balls.

How Stuff Works Commercial version of how things work.

Physics Demos from PhET (requires java to work)

Encyclopedia Britannica Slow, but lots of stuff.

C-ship Great site on effects of special relativity

Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics(a great source of information and a free download of FoilSim, a PC program for visualizing flow around airfoils.)

Iona Physics: a collection of resources for students and teachers.

Other Physics Dept's

UCLA's Physics & Astronomy department;

CSULB's Physics & Astronomy department; (neat gif on homepage)

UCSB Physics

USC's Physics & Astronomy

Government Sites

NASA, lots of neat pictures

THE weather site

National Inst. of Standards & Technology


The Ig-Noble Prizes and other moderately funny stuff.

Movie directors ignore basic physics... some fun examples.

Tablecloth Demo XXXL
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