State of the College
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State of the College

El Camino College's State of the College event welcomed a variety of community, business, education, and government partners to learn how El Camino provides education and training to meet the needs of evolving industries and prepare the workforce of tomorrow.  El Camino’s design-related programs in particular help keep the talent pipeline filled, ensuring the South Bay and the broader Los Angeles region continue to prosper.


 Read the 2019 annual report and see photos from the event.


Event Info

Friday, November 15, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
East Dining Room (map)




Keynote Address, Dena P. Maloney, Ed.D.

Panel Discussion with Design and Digital Media Industry Experts

El Camino College Annual Report



Design and Digital Media Industry Experts Bios


Jennifer Lau     

Jennifer Lau
Web Design • Brand Development

Jennifer established herself early on with a capacity of design and strategic thinking as an Interaction Designer at Frequency Networks, a video in one company, and KCET Link Media Group, a public media group, both based in Southern California.

With her determination and growing passion for user experience and strategic thinking, she formed her consultancy, No Boundaries Design. She envisions the consultancy as providing creative solutions for her clients by bridging gaps between their businesses and their ideal customers. Jennifer is involved with every project, especially in the discovery phase.

CC Cressey     

Graphic Design • UI Design

How did I become an optimistic, spiritual, over-thinker, creator, giver, and patient observer? One who lives to share happiness and truth—and design things that wow and pay it forward?

It was my Uncle Jesse that lead the way in saving me from the streets of Compton. Even though he could not walk and was quadriplegic and ventilator-dependent, he guided me as a father would. He taught me to never be afraid to fail—and to dream with no limits—because he faced limitations every day. With the further guidance of my mentor Andrea, I now live my dream as a thought-provoking versatile graphic designer—eager to inspire, innovate, and create change.

Michael French     

Michael French
User Experience • Interaction Designer; Augmented Reality Pioneer

Michael has worked across a broad range of interactive digital media to produce solutions for some of the most complex contemporary design challenges. Employing a breadth of expertise in visual design, art, programming, and interactive prototyping, Michael has conceived and developed novel design solutions ranging from hands-free augmented reality interfaces for industrial environments, to interactive educational experiences for children, to self-driving vehicle user interfaces, to human-machine interfaces for artificial intelligence applications, to large-scale multimedia art installations. Michael is currently launching the new media design agency and thinktank SISTM in Los Angeles.

DAQRI, Mind Foundry, Oxford University, Vizzario, Stanford Center for Performance Vision, Siemens, Important Design, Vibe Vans, A&E Television, Viacom

Eric Trujillo     

Eric Trujillo
Multimedia Art Director/Designer

Over the past few years, Eric has worked alongside a broad range of creative teams spanning from award winning film directors, global streetwear company’s, special operations military units, start-ups, and more. As an Art Director / Designer Eric is responsible for conceptualizing and maintaining powerful visual narratives that help build company identities and more importantly, communicate strong culture influencing principles to its customers. Being well versed in the digital arts.  Eric uses the foundation of design taught to him during his time at El Camino College as a guiding North Star for everything he does today.

Adidas, Undefeated, Us Special Forces, Google, Offer Up, Rock It Body Pilates.