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The Seeds of Change Retreat

August 18 - 19, 2016

Costa Mesa Marriot
500 Anton Blvd. 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Welcome to the El Camino College Seeds of Change Retreat hosted by the Student Equity Program, the Student Success and Support Program, and the Basic Skills Initiative. This retreat is designed to bring together faculty, staff, and administrators to discuss ways of streamlining related SEP, SSSP, and BSI activities. We aim to incorporate a more cohesive plan that aligns with the goals of the programs as well as El Camino College’s Master Plan.


Student Equity Program (SEP)

The Student Equity Plan is part of an ongoing institutional effort underway at El Camino College to improve proportional student academic outcomes and to more carefully and formally assess and evaluate student equity planning. El Camino College recognizes that equity planning and assessment, as well as expansion of its data collection to further examine the academic needs of diverse student populations, is critical to the achievement of student equity and academic excellence for all in our educational programs.


Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)

The Student Success and Support Program provides comprehensive services to entering students that have proven to increase retention and provide the foundation necessary for success in college. Services include: orientation, assessment and placement, counseling and educational planning, and follow-up for at-risk students.


Basic Skills Initiative (BSI)

The Basic Skills Initiative has served to heighten awareness of the importance of basic skills to El Camino’s mission as a community college; the goal of those involved with implementing the initiative on this campus has been to transform the El Camino College culture to a sustainable model that incorporates best practices for success of basic skills students throughout the college.


Guest Speaker

Sara Lundquist, Ph.D.

An employee of Santa Ana College for 38 years, Dr. Lundquist currently serves as Vice President of Student Services at the college, a post she has held for approximately 25 years. Her primary responsibility in this position is to serve as the institution’s chief student services officer in relation to budgeting, planning, implementation and accountability for all student services programs housed at or affiliated with the college. She facilitates the Santa Ana Partnership, a K12 and higher education collaborative with local community and civic leaders, parents, and business representatives. The Partnership is dedicated to the advancement of learning and to improving the equality of outcomes at all levels in our public education system, with a focus on improving access to higher education and completion of college for students that have traditionally been less well served by our educational institutions.

In 2011, Dr. Lundquist was appointed by President Obama to the White House Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, where she serves as a member of the Higher Education Subcommittee. Her group has commissioned research from a prominent group of scholars on financing higher education for Latinos, the impact of developmental education on the Latino student pipeline, and empowering Latino families to raise college completion.

Dr. Sara Lundquist received her undergraduate education at Vassar College and the University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University.



Retreat Participants 

Vonetta Augustine
Nikki Barber
Mary Beth Barrios
Stephanie Bennett
Debra Breckheimer
David Brown
Linda Clowers
Monica Delgado
Rocio Diaz
Robin Dreizler
Alexis Estwick
Angie Funes
John Ross Gatlin
Irene Graff
Edith Gutierrez
Edith Gutierrez
Christopher Hurd

Chris Jeffries
Beth Katz
Ken Key
Lars Kjeseth
Sheryl Kunisaki
Scott Kushigemachi
Ann Libadisos
Art Martinez
Lisa Mednick
Brian Mims
Dora Miranda
Eduardo Morales
Marci Myers
Jeanie Nishime
Atheneus Ocampo

Nayeli Oliva
Julieta Ortiz
Dipte Patel

Janice Pon-Ishikawa
Blanco Prado
Idania Reyes
Stephanie Rodriguez
Jean Shankweiler
Jacquelyn Sims
Jennifer Tran
Xiao Ying Wang
Robert Williams


Retreat Organizers 

Mary Beth Barrios
John Ross Gatlin
Scott Kushigemachi
Idania Reyes


Retreat Committee 

Vonetta Augustine
Monica Delgado
Ann Libadisos
Art Martinez

Julieta Ortiz
Jennifer Tran
Connie Zandate



The Seeds of Change Retreat Program

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