Student Equity Reenvisioned Proposal
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Student Equity Reenvisioned Proposal

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Student Equity Reenvisioned: Bridging the Equity Gap for African-American and Latino Students in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Proposal Abstract

The Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) is to create a holistic program of study that will produce equitable educational outcomes for African-American and Latino students in courses that  have a high enrollment of African-American and Latino students but produce a low success rate. BSS is proposing a learning community based program of study that will integrate traditional student developmental theory and practices with organizational learning theory and practices. The addition of organizational learning theory will move BSS away from a student characteristics approach as the root of unequal educational outcomes to an approach that will examine “the structural and cultural obstacles” that prevent general education courses offered in BSS from achieving equitable educational outcomes for all demographic groups. To accomplish this, BSS will bring together a core of faculty who address student equity in the following:

1. Subscribing to non-cognitive pedagogical practices - affective domain

2. Implementing high impact practices

3. Applying equity-mindedness to course redesign


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