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New Students

If you have not completed an online application for El Camino College please visit the Steps to Enrollment. You will need an ECC Student ID to take any assessments. 

Returning Students

I completed high school in the United States in the last 10 years:

New students who completed high school in the united states within the last 10 years will be placed into a math and English course based on one or more of the following:

  • Student's unweighted high school grade point average
  • The level of courses a student took in high school
  • The grades that student earned in their high school classes

Mostly all students can expect to be placed into transfer-level math and English courses. Students who can benefit from additional help will have a placement that requires them to take a co-requisite course along with the transfer-level math or English course.

I graduated high school in the United States over 10 years ago:

You will need to visit our Mathematics and English department for proper placement. Please see contact information below:

Mathematical Sciences Division  Humanities – English Department
Math, Business, and Allied Health Building
Room 130 (MBA 130)

Contact Person:
Gerson Valle
Interim Associate Dean
Humanities Building
Room 322 (H 322)

Contact Person:
Scott Kushigemachi
Associate Dean