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Testing Policies

Assessment testing is free and no special knowledge of computers is necessary. Testing is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Testing Policies

  • An El Camino College student ID number
  • Picture ID (driver's license, ECC ID, high school ID, military ID, passport, etc.)
  • Cell phones, pagers, beepers, cameras, audio-players, or other electronic devices
  • Unauthorized aids such as dictionaries, calculators, translators, or notes of any kind (unless otherwise indicated)
  • There is no talking
  • Cell phones are to be turned off or put on vibrate
  • Friends and family must wait outside the Assessment/Testing Office for those who are testing
  • All personal items should be placed on the floor during testing
  • All testing materials provided must be returned before leaving the Assessment/Testing Office: the numbered card, instructions, and scratch paper
  • Allow adequate time to complete your tests; each takes approximately one hour
  • Ask for assistance if there is any problem with a computer or you need to leave the testing room
  • Follow instructions; do not turn off computers or open or close any program windows

Testing that requires accommodations is done on an individual basis through the Special Resource Center (SRC). All testing appointments must be arranged in advance with the SRC.

SRC Testing Services may be reached at 310-660-3593 x3293 or at SRCTA@elcamino.edu.

  • All cheating is prohibited!
  • Cheating attempts may result in consequences that can negatively affect the future of your college career
  • Students must obtain permission before repeating any test
  • Tests may not be repeated on the same day
  • Students taking the ESL or Math Competency test can test twice without permission and can petition to test a third and final time
  • Chemistry and Contemporary Health exams can only be taken once

The Warrior Welcome Center staff holds the right to ask any student to leave or cancel their test if a rule is violated.