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New Leaders Guide

The Student Development Office would like to support club leaders by providing them resources and helping them navigate student organization procedures. Below are resources to help you in your role as a new student organization leader.

Thank you for supporting the student organizations on campus by serving as a club leader! Students greatly appreciate the time and effort you volunteer to help them be successful.

Please note that these are student-led organizations, and advisers should serve in an advisory role. Informing students about ECC policies and helping organize the club, especially when student leaders transfer, are critical services that advisers provide. Students are encouraged to take a primary role in the planning of their club events and determining the growth of the club.

Helpful Links

Student Organization Handbook These are current guidelines regarding club organizations. We encourage you to review this so you can provide more direction to the students.
Finance Handbook These are the current guidelines regarding funding and expenditures for student clubs, organizations, and ASO Funded Programs.
Club Registration This identifies who the student leaders and advisor(s) are. Each person should register themselves, not have another individual do so on their behalf. Must be submitted every year.
Inter-Club Council (ICC) General Meetings The ICC representative or president should attend this meeting. Meetings occur every Monday from noon-1 p.m. The location (which may vary) is listed online. Only clubs who attend 70% of the meetings and participate in two ICC events can request funding for their club events.
Event Proposal

The Event Proposal form can be found on Engage.

For any events or activities, students should submit this form with a copy of signed meeting minutes that show discussion and approval of the event during a club meeting. The event proposal must be signed by the adviser. The student services specialists and the director of student development will review the proposal before approving. Due two weeks before the event.

List of resources for new club leaders.


If you have any additional questions or would like to request a meeting to discuss your role, please contact your club's student services specialist:

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